Land Developments by Niseko Izumikyo

Niseko Izumikyo 1


Residential Land Development

In 1985, Niseko Izumikyo purchased and developed 49,575 sq m of what was previously forested land. This development first involved the construction of roads, drainage, connecting water supply, fire hydrants etc and other utilities etc

Then the area was subdivided into what has now become the exclusive Izumikyo 1 area home to some of Hirafu’s biggest houses and also the popular NAC (Niseko Adventure Centre)

Niseko Izumikyo 2


Residential Land Development

After completing the Izumikyo 1 area project Niseko Izumikyo started on the largest of all of our projects to date, the massive 209,867 sq m Izumikyo 2. Like our first project, this one involved turning previously forested and sasa (bamboo grass) into a fully developed residential area where roads, drains,bridges, water ways, landscaping, public facilities & all utility connections had to be installed.

Today Izumikyo 2 remains a true resort area with plenty of trees and parkland and is home to many rental and residential homes.

Country Resort


Residential Land Development

Located just a few minutes from the centre of Hirafu, the Country Resort development involved transforming old farm land into a residential zone. Niseko Izumikyo handled the construction of all the necessary infrastructure including roads, drains, water ways and subdivision.

Today this area is home to over 50 houses and is a popular place to both visit and live.

Kabayama Land Development


Residential Land Development

Niseko Izumikyo’s most recent project was completed in 2012 and involved first changing the designated land status from farmland to residential land. Our development history and experience, along with strong local connections were invaluable in achieving our goal.
Like our other projects we started with a clean slate and in order to subdivide we master planned the construction of roads, drains, waterways, a pond and landscaping.

The Kabayama area is set to become a popular zone for both housing and businesses.