Buying & Selling
Frequently Asked Questions

Property Purchase Process in Japan

Purchasing steps when buying real estate

The application form for a target property is submitted to Izumikyo.

Explanation of Important Matter is conducted before conclusing Sale & Purchase Contract

For a house, the property keys and related documents are delivered in exchange of the balance and fee payments.

The application of an ownership transfer is usually submitted by a judicial scrivener to Legal Affairs Bureau.

Required Document
*Address Registration, Seal, Justificaiton for Registry (Sale&Purchase Contract, Registery Justification Information)

The registration identification document (Register Closure Document) is delivered after the property ownership transfer is completed. This document must be kept safe since it proves the ownership of property.

Purchase transaction is complete.

Taxes at time of Property Purchase

This tax is applied to official documents designated as taxable by laws such as Sale&Purchase Contract and Financing Contract.

This is tax for registrations such as Ownership Preservation and Ownership Transfer required for purchasing land or building.

This tax is applicable to the real estate acquisition through purchase and transfer of a property.

The consumption tax is for business transaction within Japan. The land puchase is excluded. However, the selling of house and associated mediation fees will be subject to the consumption tax.

The tax is applicable even in a year of real estate, land and/or house. The tax is prorated.